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Aceh province is composed of nine parts, namely Aceh (the majority), Tamiang (East Aceh District Eastern), Alas (Southeast Aceh), Aneuk Jamee (South Aceh), Aneuk laot, Simeuluedan Sinabang (Simeulue). Each tribe has a cultural, language and thought patterns, respectively.
The language used is in Aceh. Inside there are several local dialects, such as Aceh Rayeuk, Pidie dialect and dialect of North Aceh. As for the English dialect known Gayo Gayo Lut, Gayo Gayo Lues Deretdan.
There lived Malay custom, which regulates the activities and behavior of citizens with Islamic law. The adoption of Islam in the province is not new. Long before the Republic of Indonesia was established, precisely since the sultanate, Islamic law is already seeping into themselves the people of Aceh.
History shows how the people of Aceh Islam as a guideline and scholars already found a place of honor. Appreciation for the privilege of Aceh with Islamic Shari'a is then clarified by Law No. 44 of 1999 menggenai Maintenance Privileges Aceh. In Law No.11 Year 2006 on Governing Aceh, noted that the area of ​​al-syakhsiyah (family problems, such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, custody, alimony, child minders and common property), mu`amalah (problems of human living arrangements in life everyday life, such as buying and selling, tenancy, and borrowing), and jinayah (criminality) which is based on Islamic law governed by Canon (zoning regulations).
The law gives discretion to Aceh to organize life according to the teachings of Islam. Even so, other religion guaranteed to worship according to their confidence in. This pattern of social culture of the Acehnese people, with the majority of the Muslim religion in this province but there was a huge diversity of religions.
Arts and cultural diversity makes the province has its own charm. In the literary arts, the province has 80 stories contained in the language of the people of Aceh, Gayo language, Aneuk Jame, Tamiang and Semelue. Another literary form of poetry known as saga, with one of the famous saga is Hikayat Prang Sabi (Holy War).
Aceh arts also have the privilege and uniqueness, with features among others initially only be done in certain rites ritual is not viewing, compatible combination of dance, music and literature, danced in bulk with a limited arena, repetition of movement monotony in the motion pattern is simple and is done repeatedly, as well as serving relatively long time.
Dances that are, among others Seudati, Summons, Rampak, Rapai, and Rapai his head. Last Dance is the most famous and is a fusion of dance and dance Rapai Suit.
In the field of fine arts, house position is an architectural masterpiece that is standardized according to the demands of the culture at that time. Another work of art is the art of carving, characterized by calligraphy. Typical weapon of Aceh is Aceh. Basically cultural fusion between iron processing (metallurgy) with art forging and forms. The most famous type of dagger is Siwah.
Aceh tribes pleased with decorative beads such as fans, food cover, decorative shirts and so on. Then sculpture motifs can be seen in the decorations that are on the mat, caps, custom clothing, and so on.
I am a descendant of Aceh native youth really love my own culture. I really love the custom handed down by indatu (ancestors) for this Aceh. Aceh has a lot of great art, one of which is a martial arts or fighting arts whether it be the movement and the inner strength / power within.
Sorry if there is something wrong with my English writing. Hopefully this post helpful and so passion for me. on another occasion I would like to discuss about Aceh Traditional Art.

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